Upholstery and Fabric

At ICI, we offer two innovative Upholstery / Fabric Services:

ICI’s patented cleaning process provides a state of the art system using only biodegradable products and a continuous flow process that is second to none. Our method is just now being understood in the industry. Our process atomizes high velocity solutions through the fibers and recovers it simultaneously, never letting it soak into the pad or backing.

However, if you elect not to clean you products, ICI can update your environment to the color and scheme of your choice. We work with dealers that can offer you the best options out there. We have developed a fast and effective method for replacing worn panel fabrics and seating products at a fraction of the cost to purchase new. Give one of our friendly representatives a call today so you can be in your new environment tomorrow.

ICI Upholstery and Fabric Services
Phone: 301-390-2700

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